Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to inform you about the privacy and security of our website.

When we use terms such as “we”, “us”, “our website” and “our website” we mean the platform. When we use terms like “user” or “you” we mean. to the user or player who receives the service and registers on our website.

Collection and use of information

We use the information you provide for registration and will not disclose your account personal information to any third-party platform. Children cannot register on our site because we do not allow users under 18.

Our servers store information you provide, including cookie information, server and IP addresses, and other information.

We use Google Analytics to track traffic on our website and this information is used to understand and improve the website to provide a better user experience.

Advertising and messaging

We ensure that your personal information is not shared on other platforms without your permission. We only provide information to companies or platforms that are prepared to provide confidential services and accept their privacy policies.


We use cookie data on your device to understand your frying activity history. We may also use information and data related to your account and device registration in this folder for tracking purposes.

The cookies you receive are game-related and can be tracked and displayed by our web servers.